Who Is A Victim In A Streetcar Named Desire

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Readers are able to easily understand the atmosphere Tennessee Williams depicts in “A Street Car Named Desire”. He wrote this play under the assumption that due to an illness, it may be his last. “He set out to explore the far recesses of his mind to establish his main philosophy of life, "The apes shall inherit the earth." Williams was a very sickly and sensitive person in his youth and very easily subjected to the harshness and cruelty of others” (Marotous 2006). Williams filled his two main characters, Stanley and Blanche, with different attitudes toward sex, love, and opposing social status, allowing a power struggle to arise between them. The play, at first look, may appear to surely end on a happy note, but after review, it is clearly…show more content…
Each character represent both these personality traits and stands to lose something in the end. The play begins with Blanche arriving at the home of her sister, Stella and Stella’s husband, Stanley Kowalski. The Kowalski’s reside in a New Orleans neighborhood called Elysian Fields. This is important information because in Greek Mythology, Elysian Fields is a place where the souls of the heroic lay to rest. “Death and desire bring Blanche to this low point in her life” (Critical Evaluations 2015). Blanche has come to a point where she has lost almost everything and is overcome with the feeling that this may be the end of her road. Williams shows Blanche’s attitude towards her surroundings relatively early in this play. She has considered herself as a superior class to the people and place she has come. Blanche is constantly haunted by the past death of her young husband. Williams shows her pain by the polka music that plays in her head. These thoughts will only subside once she hears a gunshot. We can view this as “…Psychological Realism for these same reasons: at times it portrays reality as it exists in the mind, not as it exists objectively” (Schmoop Editorial Team 2008). This is a way to take her back to the

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