Gender Equality In Canada Essay

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Gender equality in Canada, at first glance, seems to be on the correct track. However, when one takes a deeper look into the rise of women in the workforce, the uneven amount of part time work, and who is largely responsible for the household, it becomes clear that women, and mothers especially, still take a backseat to their male counterpart. On the outside, it may appear that women are quickly catching up to men when it comes to getting out of the home and into the workplace. In comparison to 1931, when the percentage of married women working was only 3.1, the current percentage of 80 seems as though there is not problem at all (Family Matters, 2011). However, while women in the workplace are on the rise, women hold only 14 percent of top…show more content…
It is reported that while women would prefer full time work, because of their responsibility to their children, this is not possible (Family Matters 2011). To be precise, of all the women in the workforce, 34.4 percent of them are part time, while men are only at 3.5 percent when compared (Family Matters 2011). Rarely is a man asked how he can have it all, yet this question is still hounding women all over Canada. Due to the fact that one in ten families are single mothers, most of the time both household responsibilities and work fall onto the mother. Women in Canada are expected to work like a man and raise a family like a woman (Motherload, 2014). While 60 percent of double income families work full time, in many families it is the mother who is forced to leave work early when emergencies arise with the children. Why is it that women are seen as the flexible ones who must mould into others’ lives? To conclude, while Canada is on their way to gender equality in the home and in the workplace, there is still a lot of work to do. Women are still falling behind in terms of work and pay, as their income is comprised of part-time work and smaller salaries for mothers. To add insult to injury, women are also expected to take on the role of both breadwinner and housewife with little to no

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