Gender: A Sociological Concept Of Social Construction

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When a child is born, their assigned sex influences the choices their parents make in presenting their child to the world. Most parents raise and present their children in line with society’s perceived notions of gender. A child born with a vagina is a girl and a child born with a penis is a boy. These images of gender and how individuals present themselves to the world is part of a larger sociological concept of social construction. Chapter 1 in Introduction to Sociology unpacks what people perceive as naturally occurring human experiences are actually man made ideals of society. While many people assume that gender and how a person of one sex behaves is biological, sociologists believe this is not accurate. Gender, class, race and many other societal identifiers have different meanings varying in different cultures and time periods. These social constructs can often influence the way people act or present themselves to fit into societal norms.…show more content…
Personally, the concept of gender and gender roles have never been something I conformed to or supported. The notion that gender has to align with a person’s outward expression of themselves is something that has been disproven countless times. The boxes of man and woman are extremely constricting to the self expression and individuality of human beings. Gender in American society is most often presented with two options corresponding to one’s sex. How people identify with gender cannot be limited to two options and should be understood as fluid. People have multiple and complex facets that can not be simply defined and represented by the labels of man and woman. The biological aspect of male and female do not and should not be the determination for one’s gender

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