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Characterization is developing or creating a character in a story. The author can characterize character three different ways. The author will flat out tell you directly about the character, which is boring. Another way the author characterizes is by what the character says and does, and what other characters say about him/her/it. There is four different types of characters flat, round, static, and dynamic. Flat is a stereotypical character, like a dumb but strong, good looking star quarterback. Round is a multi-dimensional character like a star quarterback who is smart and during halftime comes out and plays the flute. Static means the character remains the same the whole story, like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. The Wicked Witch in the beginning is mean and…show more content…
The story Gathering Blue by lois lowry is about a girl named Kira. Kira has many personality traits like, being a very compassionate girl. Kira show compassion and very deep concern when she finds this little girl named Jo crying every night. Kira comforts her every night, telling her stories, even stopping her crying. Very time Kira wet down stairs to comfort her she risked the chance of getting in trouble. With that risk she continued to comfort Jo dailey. Being very compassionate wasn't Kira’s only great personality trait she also was a very hard worker. Kira helped her mother constantly, helping with the garden, sewing, even dying treads. Kira also worked many hours for the weavers in the town. She helped collect scraps and picked up all the trash while the women worked. Reading this people would have never known Kira is crippled, but being crippled did not stop Kira from being like everyone else. When Kira is going through the woods with her best friend Matt she tries her best not to fall behind. Tripping on branches and rocks she gets up with the least amount of help from her friend

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