Willy Buchanan Vs Vincent Van Gogh Essay

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Brianna Neese Art Literature, Module 7 Comparing Two Artists: Vincent van Gogh versus Beverly Buchanan Modern day artists are often times inspired and guided by the ideas, painting, or techniques of many famous artists in art history’s past. Beverly Buchanan, born in 1940 (Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. "Beverly Buchanan."), is a prime example of this idea, for instance she is influenced by Vincent van Gogh, who was born in 1853 ("Van Gogh's Life."). Numerous people believe that Beverly Buchanan’s art is related to some of the famous works of van Gogh, like The White House at Night. Although they were born in two different time periods, places, and situations, their lives, training, purpose for creating art, use of color and expressive lines, and themes have many similarities and differences. Both artists did not originally…show more content…
These lines present a mood of unstableness and sorrow, such as van Gogh’ life and the lives and homes of the rural South that Buchanan drew. Van Gogh uses a very calming color palette for this piece, but adds dashes of red to represent the pain he was suffering. Similarly Beverly uses almost all warm color and shades of red to present the same mood of pain. Both these artist wanted their piece to represent the grief they felt or had witnessed and used rough lines and warm colors, especially red, to represent the rocky moods they wanted to express to its audience. These artist may be from two different generations and places but their life are very similar as well as contrasting. The art of Vincent van Gogh was an inspiration for Buchanan’s art, just as it is for many twentieth century artist. Reflections of van Gogh’s skills and technique live on and many of Beverly’s piece as well as many others today. Vincent may have had a struggling life living with his insanity but he created beautiful works of art that are guides for artist worldwide, including

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