Dating: A Fictional Narrative

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Theodore knocked on the door to Jon and Hailey's appartment. Hailey opened the door. “Hey, Theodore.” She stepped to the side and he walked in. He had a bag in his hands. “You left this stuff at my dorm.” She grabbed the bag. “Oh, thanks! I've been looking for this.” She put the it on her bed and walked back to the living room. “So, I've been meaning to ask you, since you're not dating-” Her phone rang. She excused herself. “Sorry, that was Ren. What were you going to say?” He looked broken. “Oh, uh, nothing. I actually have to go.” He left. Ridley woke up in a hospital bed. His cheek was stitched up. He was very angry with Ren. He wanted to call Jon and tell him all about it, then a wave washed over him when he realized he couldn't

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