Who Is Abigail The Manipulator In The Crucible

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Abigail, the manipulator in the play, "The Crucible" manipulates others by having a determination to do wrong to others and to get what she wants. Abigail wants many things during the play, and she is determined to get what she wants. Abigail wants John Proctor back. Towards the end of the story, Abigail is revengeful and finds a way to ultimately get what she wanted. In the play, Abigail used whoever she wanted to get the job done for herself. At high stakes and at any cost, Abigail proved to be the most manipulative evil girl in the play. Abigail had a strong will to do anything she could do to win over John Proctor. In the beginning of the story, Abigail is determined to do whatever she can to win back Proctor. Abigail was seen chanting and dancing…show more content…
Abigail manipulates others by taking the blame and "eyes" off of her and point the attention towards Elizabeth and the other girls in the play. Abigail points the finger towardsElizabeth by using the poppet as evidence. Abigail uses the method of blaming others to keep the method of blaming others to keep the heat off of herself. She even uses Mary to testify against Elizabeth and Proctor when she wanted revenge. She twisted people to do things that they necessarily did not want to do. For example, when Abigail threatened Mary Proctor, she and the other girls imitated her acting like her spirit was sent out on her. This shocked Mary and frightened her. This act caused Mary to turn against Proctor against her own will. Hohn 3 Not only does Abigail manipulate others, she uses the other girls to manipulate the adults by belittling the situation. By using the other girls, she makes them do her dirty work. She uses Mary Warren to accuse Proctor in the trial. She not only drags herself into the issues in the play, but she took others down with her. Abigail has the imbred power to also manipulate others by using others to fix her problems that she

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