Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep: A Short Story

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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. May angels watch me through the night, and keep me in their blessed sight,” my sisters and I whispered harmoniously at the foot of the bed. Three simple sentences that rolled off of the tongue like a soccer ball down a hill/a raindrop down a window—swiftly and effortlessly. It was a nightly prayer that had become second nature, a routine. Though I couldn’t comprehend the gravity of the words, I was instructed that praying to God every night not only blessed our loved ones, but also protected my father—who, at the time, was deployed in Iraq. Growing up in a military home yielded rather complicated spiritual results. While I was raised in a “traditional” nondenominational Christian home, frequent church attendance was rare of sorts. Aside from the annual Christmas and Easter services, there never seemed to be enough time. With my father deployed…show more content…
Like balloon filled with water, the pressure to fit in at a new school each swelled. I convinced myself that the only way to be popular or accepted was to be pretty, skinny, and athletic. As a result, I began investing time in my appearance, rather than my faith. Of course, the desire to be the “perfect new girl” eventually spiraled out of control, turning into a severe obsession. It began by exercising excessively—I wanted to be thin. I would work out at least four hours a day—two at basketball practice, then another two biking, running, something high intensity. Then, I wanted to be healthy. Determined to burn off more calories than I was consuming, I began calorie counting. I watched servings, fats, sugars, sodium levels, gradually limiting myself to certain foods. For example, I completely removed sugars and fats from my diet; next, I removed meats and starches; then fruits…until the point that I was not eating at

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