Cheyney Wolves Case Study Essay

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There is no telling exactly how many problems the athletes here at Cheyney University. Most of times, the real issues are kept in the dark, away from plain view. Only those who choose to dig a little deeper can begin to realize the obstacles that surface. As an active member of the Cheyney Wolves football team, I witness firsthand the issues that the football team alone encounters. It is apparent that these bring conflict among the football team. The main concerns that cause the issues are bad leadership, lack of enthusiasm, and lack of funding. Truth be told, they are the issues and they all relate to the other in some way. The coach’s job is to guide athletes and teach them the correct way to play a sport. Good coaches encourage their players to do more than they think they can. They are always pushing their athletes outside of their comfort zone,…show more content…
Patience is basically the willingness to conceal restlessness and annoyance. It can help keep the players focused on the game and avoid any confrontation with the coaches out of anger. Step number two would be to have a discussion with the coaches and tell them how their coaching style is. Maybe that will help them see the error of their techniques and wake them up. The third step would be to start looking for replacements. If it doesn’t seem like the coaches want to better themselves for the sake of the team, then maybe its must time to find coaches that are passionate about their job. Motivation manifests itself as a desire and interest. It’s the driving force that pushes someone to take action to pursue and reach their goals. Thoughts of failure sometimes guarantee failure. If you have the attitude that you are going to lose, most likely losing will be the result. With no motivation from players, there are no wins for the team. Why put your all into the sport when the coaches don’t even take it

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