Difference Between Papacy And The Holy Roman Empire

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The Class between the Papacy and the Holy Roman Empire The clash between the Papacy and the Holy Roman Empire was inevitable. After Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne emperor in 800 AD, the power struggle began. “He sent so many gifts to the Pope that it was impossible to keep count of them (Einhard 252).” Charlemagne did this to get on good terms with the pope and Roman people. Another example of the government interfering with the church is, “Edwin holds a council with his chief men about accepting the faith of Christ. High priest destroys his own altars (Bede 238).” This constant battle of power continued with later emperors. “The Holy Roman Empire was a feudal monarchy that encompassed present-day Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech and Slovak Republics, as well as parts of eastern France, northern Italy, Slovenia, and western Poland at the start of the early modern centuries (Kolslofsky).” This empire was created by Charlemagne, who became Roman emperor on Christmas by Pope Leo III in 800 AD. The Western Roman Empire was without a leader since 476. The next few popes after Charlemagne failed due to political and military issues. So again, Rome was without a ruler, until the coronation of Otto I, Duke of Saxony in 962.…show more content…
He created a strong alliance with the church by appointing officials who were loyal to him. He also allowed the church to have authority over some German lands (Miller).” This started the renewing of the Holy Roman Empire. “Otto III, who ruled from 983 to 1002, made the capital of his empire Rome and declared himself emperor of the Romans (Miller).” Otto’s goal was to separate the Western Roman Empire, and he turned it into independent cites, run by Germanic nobles. He later declared himself emperor, which was followed by rebellions, which drove him out of

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