Pipefitter Career Research Paper

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Career Choices There are many careers out there for people to choose. One career that I have always wanted to do is try getting into the Union for a steamfitter\pipefitters union. It would be a great career to have. Even working as a Boilermaker would be a great career. I have always wanted to get into welding after high school. As I am currently enrolled in the welding vocational and learning a lot, I feel it would be a good fit. I would start out a small factory job that would have something to do with welding. After working in a factory for a short time, I would then try to move up to the Union. Welding is something I enjoy, so it would be a good career to choose. Welding is more of a physical job, which would be more enjoyable than any other type of career. Becoming a steamfitter/pipefitter is a career that is different from others in the sense that it has its own requirements and benefits. Some people may not understand exactly what this career entails. A steamfitter/pipefitter welds on a daily basis. They weld things such as gas pipes or water lines. They weld the pipes or lines when a break occurs and a repair is needed in someway.…show more content…
A “fitter”, a term commonly used in reference to a pipefitter and/or steamfitter might work in a variety of areas such as residential, commercial and industrial. The job and job sites can vary on where you are working. The work environment can be inside or outside and it's a constuction site type of job site. Two other job occupations that I would be interested in is a Boilermaker or a Operator both of those would interest me because they're both more of a physical laboured job. The operators would interested me because it's using heavy machinery which is something I would enjoy. The

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