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Frida Kahlo, Mexican artist of the 1900s, created works of art connected to her own personal life that told an enigmatic and intriguing story of a life of experiences. Although one major event might seem to be the most important in her life, the early influences within Kahlo’s life shaped her into the person she showed the world in both her artistic and personal life. The influences of her family, her education, and her unique situations in her childhood remained with her and become the guiding force to her actions in life and art. Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderon’s life story begins even before her birth on July 6, 1907; it begins with her parents, Guillermo Kahlo and Matilde Calderon (Zamora, 15-16). Guillermo Kahlo was originally Wilhelm Kahlo, a Jewish man from Germany. However, complicated family issues and personal health issues drove Wilhelm to abandon this life and set off to Mexico to begin a new one. With the start of his new life in Mexico, Wilhelm began to call himself Guillermo in hopes to fit in with the world around him (Rummel 17). At some point after moving…show more content…
Her mother ordered an easel for her while she was bedridden and Frida began to paint like her father (Zamora 27). His encouragement of the medical field exposed Kahlo to the detailed perception of biology and nature that reflected back into her work (Rummel 26). She decided to pursue art as a career. Eventually, she became reconnected to Diego Rivera through some mutual friends. He gave her the advice that “no matter how difficult it is for you, you must continue to paint (Rummel 71).” Much like her father had in the beginning of her life, Rivera became a driving point for which she based her life plan. This especially became true as she their relationship transitioned into a married couple of artist with

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