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FRIDA KAHLO: INSERT AWESOME TITLE Maria F. Brera-Diaz POLS - 3390 Women in Politics Nancy Sims FRIDA: INSERT AWESOME TITLE INTRODUCTION Uninhibited. If I had to choose one word to describe Frida Kahlo I would say that above all things, she was uninhibited. While there is a long list of qualities that would, alone, explain why she stands out from all other artists – male and female alike – it is her ability to embrace and express every feeling that sets her aside as a person. She was a complete individual, capable of choosing her path without restricting herself from loving, giving, and feeling. Frida is the ultimate feminist – the kind that doesn’t abide by anyone’s rules, or is driven by a need to prove something. She simply embraced the many natural self, and…show more content…
A symbol of pride and independence for Mexicans and women from all over the world. She embodied femininity and masculinity alike. More than a feminist, Frida was free. Free to be whatever she chose. She had the power to choose the people that surrounded her, she had the power to say what she wanted, act how she wanted. She was defiant of religion, and yet, she still honored it and referenced it in her

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