A Career As A Pediatrian

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Isapela Roberson Williams 10/14/2015 Pediatrian The career I chose to research was pediatrics because I plan on becoming a pediatrican when I get older. I enjoy working with children and being able to help them feel better when they are ill, while at the same making sure that they are healthy. Working with children is one of the most rewarding jobs, in my opinion. Just the look on their little adorable faces can just brighten anyones day. Pediatrician is a rewarding job that helps prevents illnesses for new born babies to young adults such as ages thirteen through eighteen. The typcial duties of a pediatrican is that they examine children regulary to keep up with their growth and development. Pediatricians record and collect their patients medical history and examination results as well as reports. They also treat children who have minor health problems or illnesses and growth and developmental concerns. Pediatricians also prescribe medication, give vaccinations and other medical care as well. The educational requirments for being a pediatrian is that you must have you're doctoral degree which…show more content…
A pediatrician is such a rewarding job, you get to work with children while being able to help them stay healthy and help them feel better when they are sick. Being a childrens doctor is a huge help to the community. Even though it's not about the money the pay rate for being a pediatrian is great. Another advantage to being a pediatrian, you're making a difference in a child's life as well as their parents life too. A pediatrician does have it's down sides such as there is a lot of schooling involved. Schooling in the medical field is a long process normally eight years and sometimes even more. It does take out a lot of time being a pediatrian and sometimes you do get attached and want to do more even though you know you can't because there is only so much a pediatrician can do when it comes to a sick

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