Analyze The Reasons For The Westward Expansion

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The manifest destiny expansion has been one of the most significant events in US History. The reasons why the United States wanted to expand was mainly because of land and this meant more domestic resources for production and individual economic opportunities as well. Americans also believed that they were destined to spread self-advancement, civilization, and democracy across the continent to the pacific Ocean, and to others it was based on a belief that the expansion was divinely oriented by God. The people of the united states strongly believed that the nation's future depended on its westward expansion. The United States wanted land for many reasons, land is associated with wealth, political power and independence. In 1803, The president purchased the Louisiana…show more content…
The electoral process became more democratic and direct votes became more widely used. The power of the president increased during this time, and Americans acquired new expectations of politicians who were supposed to represent "the common man" and were required to carry out the will of the people. The basic pattern for successful national politics established two political parties, the need to appeal to voters in all sections of the country, and the need to appeal to a range of social classes. Some people moved west for religious reasons, many Mormons moved out of Ohio, Missouri and Illinois to the west to escape religious discrimination in the midwest, In the west they could practice their religious beliefs freely. The religious avidity triggered the Second Awakening and it created another motive to move west. Many settlers believed that God himself blessed the growth of the nation. Americans considered Native Americans heathens, and they wanted to introduce spread Christianity to the Indian tribes. People wanted to move west because they wanted to spread Christianity across the

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