How Did Gothic Music Differ From The Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages was divided into two periods, the Romanesque Period and the Gothic Period. The Middle Ages spanned from 400 A.D. to around 1430. The Romanesque Period started with the fall of the Roman Empire. During this time the Catholic Church was the only conservator of culture and knowledge. Music was only for practical purposes. The music style of this time was monophonic chant. Early chants were written in Medieval Modes. Chants could only be heard at the church during Mass and were either in ordinary text or proper text. Traveling minstrels would compose songs and preform for wealthy people. During the Gothic Period people started to become more independent. The Catholic Church was viewed as shady and logic was coming into play in every area of life. Humanism was developed in the Gothic Period. Many travesties happened during these three centuries, such as the 100 Years War and the Bubonic Plague. However, art and music progressed by becoming more realistic. Neumatic Chant and Melismatic Chant were composed. Music was also becoming more polyphonic. Polyphonic music was either parallel organum or florid organum.…show more content…
Religion is not a dominating force as it once was. Our world is a somewhat safer place compared to then. Music is now for everyone and can be accessed all over the world. It connects people from different cultures. Everyone enjoys some types of music. Music today is much more evolved than it was. It is now for artistic purposes rather than practical ones. It is also written down more so it lives on for generations to come. Music also has more elements to it. Music has meter now and has a blend of polyphony, homophony and heterophony. There are varying pitches and mixtures of harmonies and melodies. Syncopation makes the music more

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