Analysis Of Sing About Me/I 'M Dying Of Thirst'

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Gamal Abdu Professor Shah July 31, 2015 Sing About Me/I’m Dying Of Thirst By Kendrick Lamar In this day and age, our youth is more misguided then it’s ever been. In the streets of Compton, where Lamar is from, the misguiding turns to tragedy as the system fails these kids and ultimately leads to their “death’s” in many senses. At first glance this seems like another lengthy rap song but when you quiet the beat and tune in you can hear some of the most beautiful poetry that the 21st century has created. Theses rappers are most certainly poets in their own rights and deserve that respect. While displaying this art in a more informal and social way, it does stick and moves a generation that needed another way to listen. It runs 10 minutes…show more content…
This song uses a form of emotional appeal by telling different stories from different perspectives in each of the verses. In the song Kendrick uses an assortment of metaphors, similes and alliterations to deliver his message. The song is broken up into two parts, two different beats to be exact, that tie into each other and the whole story line as a whole. In the first verse of part one, Kendrick talks from his friends point of view. His friend calls him and thanks him for being there for him when his brother died from being a shot. The first death. He says to him “I’m hoping that i can borrow a piece of mind” figuratively, meaning he’s having trouble dealing and focusing on whats important in life. The second line speaks more to what his focus is on as he metaphorically says “this orphanage we call a ghetto is quite a routine”, alluding to the fact that many kids and parents will die due to gang violence and lifestyle, the which he is unable to escape from. He is being distracted by the gang violence and lifestyle. Using imagery Kendrick’s friend goes on to say “When I ride it’s a murderess rhythm and outside became pitch black. A demon glued to my back whispering “Get em”” showing the mindset of people in gang infested areas and simultaneously showing why the killing will never stop. The use of the words “murderous”,“demon” and “pitched black” all lend themselves to theme of…show more content…
Kendrick raps as an escape to that lifestyle and a means of living better one day. One of the lines alluding to this is when he says “I wrote some raps that make sure that my lifeline. Reeking the scent of a reaper, ensuring that my allegiance with the other side may come soon; and if I’m doomed, may the wound, help my mother be blessed for many moons” meaning if rap kills him, instead of saving him like he hoped, he wishes for the money he makes from it to help support his mother financially. He lives constantly in the moment. “Every day the glass mirror gets tougher to watch. I tie my stomach in knots”. Kendrick has trouble looking at himself everyday and watching himself change into the man he's becoming. He uses figuratively language again when he says he ties his stomach in knots meaning he's very scared for his life and whats to

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