French And Indians Influence On American Culture

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The essential question all year so far has been “what happens when cultures collide? We have been learning, discussing, writing, and more, all about this one question. It all started with the expansion of the Europeans, or the fab five. Then once they got to the Americas everyone wanted the most land. Which led to fighting, which led to treaties. Which meant they for the most part had all the land boundaries figured out. With boundaries set up they officially start trading internationally. Which was great but that meant power and money which just became fighting again. And somewhere in the middle they made civilization and colonies. And all that work at some point became the America we know today. When they first came to the Americas, around 1492, they…show more content…
There were quite a bit of fighting over the Americas, or the new world. The one I find the most interesting is the French and Indian war which was fought in 1754.the first thing that stands out and gets confused a lot is that the French and Indians teamed up to defeat the British. Unfortunately for the French the British won. And the treaty of Paris was signed. The French trying to avoid trouble gave most of their land in Central America away to the British and Spanish. These are just some of happens when cultures collide. For example this had a major effect on Asia and Africa. For instance they got a lot of new products as well even though they were at a much higher price. It led to the Colombian exchange/ the triangular trade, which led to international trade. The fab five eventually came up with new economic systems such as mercantilism. And for private profit and market system owners there was capitalism. They eventually grew out of trade to and made a currency. There is a lot that happens when cultures collide, and all that work then when cultures collided became the America we know
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