How Did The Enlightenment Influence Humanism

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The sixteenth century enlightenment segued the late 1700s mentality. The focus of politics has shifted from one man in charge to the people deciding what they want to be seen and done. Humanism became an influence on legislative systems- with the belief that rational laws govern human behaviors. King and aristocratic power were limited, and freedoms became existent. These ideals were a turning point for the governmental world. The desire for political representation of the entire population, during the Enlightenment time, can be seen as a template for newer documents, in world history. The Declaration of Independence, The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the 1805 Constitution of Haiti, create the focus of the sharing of power amongst populations. People wanted to have power. New world colonists left their ruled countries to lead a new life. They came from countries, where they were ordered what to believe in, and how to act. Britain had control over the new world,…show more content…
France was set up into three estates: the clergy, the aristocracy, and everyone else. The people who were aristocrats or members of the clergy, consisted of the most people, yet they didn’t have as much power. Like in the up and coming United States of America, France needed to exercise a system where the power wasn’t concentrated on one group of people. The French Declaration of the Rights of Man is blatantly influenced by Enlightenment ideals and how there is a call for the popular voice in government. The document states, “No body nor individual may exercise any authority which does not proceed directly from the nation.” Members of the middle class, and most of the population want to be heard, and want involvement in political decisions. With the aristocracy and clergy exerting power, the majority of the population is overshadowed. The inclusion of this line from the document elucidates the enlightenment influence in the French government

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