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Forms of Social Media Social media in the recent years has developed tremendously making an array of types of social media available. Depending on the various purposes a user may make use of a particular type of social media. The reasons could be varied: it could be for promoting a business or it could also be for just keeping in touch with friends. • Social Networking: This is one of the most casual forms of social media, the purpose being to socialize with friends, classmates, or other people (e.g., facebook). At the same time there are other networking sites like Linkedin which connects you with people in the professional world. • Bookmarking Sites: There is a humongous amount of information out there on the web. Name it and it is there.…show more content…
The most popular being YouTube and Flickr. Some of these services also have additional social features such as creating profiles, commenting, etc. • Search Engines: This seems to be a lesser known form of social media. Some years ago, you typed in what you were looking for and the matching results appeared. Today the search engine takes you one step ahead. You can customize your searches with local results, rate the results, and even save your searched results. SOCIAL MEDIA AND SOCIETY Everything comes with its good and bad. It is for us to know where to draw the line. How to make use of every new gadget in the most positive way after all lies in our hands. And the same blanket rule applies to social media too. To understand this co-relation between social media and society one first needs to understand society in the very modern day context. Do we all not at times experience the feeling of discomfort and tension simply in the presence of some people? It also happens that not knowing exactly what other people think of you may lead to self-doubt and feelings of insecurity. This is exactly the reason why so many people out there are hovering around social media and making it the trendiest trend today. Social Media and

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