The Process Of Printmaking In The Printing Process

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Printmaking is the expressing of artwork mainly on paper or canvas, and the process looks at the creation of an original print of artwork expressing a given idea rather than the reproduction of an image through photography. The process is capable of producing many copies of the same print but still maintaining the originality of each piece because each print varies from the intrinsic variables applied during the process of making the print. In the process of creating a print, a matrix is used in transferring ink onto the paper. A matrix is a medium on which the graphics of the print are created, and the transferred onto the paper using ink. Matrices can be formed from metal cuts, woodcuts, stones or polymers. The image is engraved on a matrix…show more content…
This method of painting originated in the east but later became famous and valued throughout the world. Its initial use was on creating prints on textile surfaces and then was used on paper. In this case the artist draws an impression of the print on a piece of paper or a plank of wood which is then taken to a craftsman who uses special cutting tools to remove away the parts that will not be expressed in the print. Ideally, the cut parts of the wood appear white on the paper during the printing…show more content…
A number of scholars have reviewed Nolde’s the prophet artistic work and reading their thoughts complements my thoughts about Nolde’s work. The general ground that amalgamates all these divergent opinions is in accepting the genius nature in Emil’s work. The painting of the prophet is an iconic painting among other great paintings, the appreciation of the painting comes from the high-quality work Nolde did and his ability to express his ideas in the painting. His choice of technique in the drawing of the prophet was very fundamental to enhancing the acceptance of the painting. The prophet is drawn in black to convey a man troubled deeply by terrible thoughts or fears, and these attributes help in communicating his intended message in the print. Though he was a controversial man Nolde portrayed good talent and artistic ability when drawing his iconic drawing of the

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