The Argument For Foreign Education In Nigeria

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THE QUEST FOR FOREIGN EDUCATION BY NIGERIANS Permit me to start with that popular aphorism: only the best is good enough, only the very best. The challenge is “if you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. Good and sound education is worth more than silver and gold. The fore-going captures aptly the significance of education in not only the live of a man, but the society at large. The depth and quality of education will equally be reflected in the ways and manners of a particular country and its level of advancement. Before the advent of colonialism, the Africa continent was considered dark and the inhabitants, uncouth, unlettered and savagery in all spheres of live. Little wonder therefore that education…show more content…
The budgetary allocation to education is a far-cry from UNESCO recommendation of 25% of the total budget. The libraries are without books and other instructional materials to aid education. This is in addition to a lot of inconsistencies in policies thrusts of the successive governments. It has left Nigeria graduates less competent and qualified than their foreign counterparts. The prologue above is just to give a bird eye view of the state of education, history etc. in Nigeria to justify why many are opting for overseas education. For instance, I am a banker of many years’ experience in the Nigeria Banking sector. I have worked as a teller, in which case I pay out and receive cash into the bank. I was at different times a marketer responsible for mobilizing various accounts for the bank. I now work in the core banking area of internal control. Lofty experience, you might say, but as impressive as the records are, my growth in the Banking Industry had been stunted by my lack of a qualification from a world-ranking institution with global acceptability. All the top Bankers Nigeria has produced have one or two international qualifications from Universities/institutes based abroad and their competences and expertise have never been in doubt. Little wonders, that Nigerians of means are now going abroad in preparing for global competitions and eventual take-over of the economy of the…show more content…
In this era of out-sourcing, off-shoring and e-transaction that have brought the world together, no right thinking person can afford to be left behind. The compelling effect of I.C.T and internet penetration continue to bring people together. It has shattered the barriers of trade in a way that a voice in India can actually be answering the customer enquiries in England and vice versa. The challenge, therefore, is how to tap into the windows of opportunities the current reality offers and become a globally competitive hand The Government in Nigeria is leaving no stone unturned in this regard. A lot of intervention is being reeled-out in-forms of scholarships and other forms of education initiatives. Many Nigerian students are on scholarships in United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirate, Malaysia, South Africa etc. where world-class education is being taught to the aspiring students. The skills and expertise required in both the private and public sectors are daily taught these students to attune them with modern-day

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