Electrified Double Track Project In MMC-Ringgit Malaysia

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CULTURAL DISTANCE THAT EFFECT JOB ADJUSTMENT IN MMC-GAMUDA JOINT VENTURE SDN BHD MOHAMAD KHIDIR BIN HAZIDI 2012238824 BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WITH HONOURS (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS) FACULTY OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA KEDAH DECEMBER 2014 Abstract To gain competitive advantage, share of technology and expertise, better reputation and bigger capital investment, companies will more likely to to seek for joint venture. By sharing companies areas of specialization, joint venture could increase the ability for the venture to handle higher class project than one remain as a single corporation. Electrified Double Track Project is not a mere ordinary project as it is a project that worth Billions of Ringgit Malaysia. MMC-Gamuda Joint Venture Sdn Bhd, is a company that was formed by a strategic alliance between two huge and well recognize corporation: Gamuda Bhd…show more content…
H3: The cultural dimension of uncertainty avoidance has a clear impact to the international workers’ job adjustment. Research Design This study is a correlational study that tests the relationship between independent variables and the foreign worker job adjustment. The unit of analysis used for this study is the international migrant that employed by MGJV in the headquarters and in two site offices of MGJV that located in Bukit Mertajam and Kamunting, Malaysia. Questionnaire is the survey method used to gain information regard on the job adjustment. Measurement of Variable A set of questionnaire was designed and it measures the respondents’ answer through Likert Scale. The Likert Scale has degrees that enable researcher to measure start with 1 that represent strongly disagree and 5 for strongly agree.

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