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When the phrase “Foreign Bride” comes to mind, a wave of oppression seems to fill the air. As someone who has only heard of the trend through popular television series such as 90-day Fiancé, the concept of marrying a foreigner seemed foreign. Farmed Out, a news article written by The Economist last year sheds light onto the growing popularity of interracial marriages. More women are moving away from farming villages in neighbouring countries in order to receive a “better” life in the city, they end up marrying men in order to attain citizenship or to support the expensive life of the city. There is an enormous misconception about these marriages and they are often assumed to be illegitimate relationships but many of the men and women are happy in these relationships. Most women are coming from impoverished countries such as Vietnam looking for a rich and successful husband. In the past decade, there has been a growth of interracial marriages in South Korea. The Government has made continuous efforts in order to support these marriages by creating more language centres, childcare, and counselling. Personally, the issue being discussed in this article is not something I see as…show more content…
Throughout different forms of socialization, the viewpoint on marriage seems to be quite understanding. The concept of interracial relationships is not as foreign here in Canada as it might be in South Korea or other parts of the world. Interracial relationships are quite common. Our media has labelled these relationships with an OK. They are present within different television series, movies, etc. They can often be the main focus in some of these situations. For example, the series Modern Family is based on a large family made up of different relationships and specifically in one of these relationships; the main plotline in Jay and Gloria’s story is the realties that are faced daily in interracial

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