The Pros And Cons Of Citizen Journalism

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Just because somebody has a blog and bloviates about his or her favorite subject, it should not be misconstrued that the individual is a citizen journalist (Ross & Cormier 2010: 57). Citizen journalism should not be confused with accidental journalism which is defined by Ross & Cormier, (2010: 57) as a situation in which people who are caught unexpectedly in the middle of an event and take photos or videos and upload them to either social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter, or news websites such as CNN’s iReport or Fox News’ uReport. According to Ross & Cormier, (2010: 57) Citizen Journalism is when a normal citizen decides to take the initiative to report news or express views about happenings within their community.…show more content…
For example the options available were the newspaper, radio and television. With a lack of 24hour live reporting, information circulated based on a time frame. The shift from old to new media has brought about a lot of changes in the way news content is sourced, produced, distributed and consumed. A 2008 report by the Pew Research Center for People and The Press indicates a decline in the consumption of radio and print news, the study also highlight a rapid growth in the consumption of online news.…show more content…
The introduction of computers into newsrooms in the 1980s added more tasks for editors and journalists. And made some traditional roles redundant (Stepp. 1989: Carrison.1999). Dickinson (2008) adds that the moving from the era of single media to multimedia reporting affects the practices in journalism, for example multitasking which forces journalist to cope with a widening range of responsibilities to get their job done. According to Cottle (1999) the heavy schedule poses a great thread to the standards of journalism. Small tasks such as spellcheck and fact checking, might be compromised due to the working pleasure the journalist is

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