Booker T Washington's Inaugural Address Analysis

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In the first document Booker T. Washington wrote a letter to the President and Gentlemen of the Board of Directors and Citizens. Washington has a plan that will bring the relationship of whites and blacks closer together. Washington wants to stop racism in America. Washington wants Blacks to be equal at birth and not to start at the bottom of society. He wants Blacks to have a chance of holding a public office. Washington seems to be forgiving Whites for slavery by calling them equals and saying that they are nothing without the White Southern Men. He uses slavery against them though saying that the slaves did free work for the South for many years without incident or strikes like what is going on in the factories. That is not true there were…show more content…
W.E.B. Du Bois has a much more aggressive approach targeted towards the Blacks of the South rather than Washington who seemed to be targeting the Whites. Du Bois instantly claims that he want the White to stop manipulating the Black’s votes. He is very aggressive he has demands for the Whites while Washington was not demanding only pressuring. Du Bois is demanding real freedom for the Blacks. While he demands for equal law enforcement and the education of children Du Bois will not get his message fully across to the Whites. Instead it seems he is writing to pump up the Blacks in the South, encouraging them to fight for their rights. I believe that Washington will have a stronger influence over the White and Du Bois has a stronger influence over the Blacks. The U.S. Supreme court declared that Blacks could be segregated. They said “equal but separate accommodations for the white and colored races” that means blacks would have to deal with segregation in almost all public settings. They claim that it does not matter if a facility is unequal as long as each race has a facility to use it is

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