My Mistress's Eyes Are Nothing Like The Sun Tone

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When Shakespeare was alive, and even to this day, it can be said that many sonnets are written in a very conventional style, and in most cases with a message expressing the perfect physical characteristics of their woman lover. In his literary work, “My Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun (Sonnet 130),” Shakespeare is suggesting that some people find love and beauty in others physical imperfections, and not all women are meant to have an appearance of a goddess. Within the fluent structure and every line, he gets across his main point using a unique style while addressing his views towards his audience, his lover, or just the speakers’ lover. Shakespeare writes with an un-conventional and unique style using imagery, an unusual style of diction, and irony to prove his point about love and beauty. Shakespeare’s usage of language written throughout the sonnet, explicitly the first…show more content…
Each line within Shakespeare’s sonnet tends to focus on the lovers negative appearance, but using a positive way of approaching them. For example, in the first line he writes, “My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun” (1) (1126). I believe he contrasts the physical aspects of his lover with the bright and vibrant sun because though her eye may not have the characteristics of a star, she still brings out the love that he has for her. In the next line he explains, “Coral is far more red than her lips' red,” telling us that her lips don’t have to be as red as a jeweled rock (2). This shows how her lips may be a dullish color, but that makes her who she is and she doesn’t have to have lips of what others might call an attribute of

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