Dian Diana George's 'Changing The Face Of Poverty'

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In the article “Changing the Face of Poverty” Diana George responses to the issue about being different representation when it comes to poverty. She is certain that there are two ways of representations of how it shows people who are poor. For example, the media shows poverty being as people who are helpless victims that are often living in the streets. When you actually try to look around and find poor people you are not often seeing what the media shows. This is when the second representations occurs, since whatever the media shows it is not often the exact same thing for others when it comes to poverty. Diana George mention that this issue is important because you cannot really decided which people are the ones who need a shelter since there is not an accurate representation of what poverty is.…show more content…
She says that there are many organization that want the rest of the people to see they are helping the ones who need the most. In order to do this they are using black and white photos. But when the people who live in poverty see these pictures they believe that they are not the same as the people in the pictures (50). Diana George received a response from a women and she stated “when [she] sees those pictures [she] usually think[s] of Africa or a third-world country and NOT the U.S” (50). So this brings back to the issue that Diana George mention in the beginning about representation of poverty, where there is not an exact representation that can be used throughout the

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