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Young Comedic Stars on the Rise` “Hellerr, howt are you doingerrr?’ Just by reading that first line you must think that I have grammar issues or even I just decided to come up with my language. That is not the case, however, that is the case of an elderly lady with silver hair and “silver bullets,” as he would say, named Madea. Madea is not a real person, but she is, however, a character played by the actor, movie producer and playwright Tyler Perry. Madea is a fictional character Tyler Perry plays in a series of “Madea” movies such as; Madea goes to Jail and Madea’s Big Happy Family along with plays and television shows. What does Tyler Perry playing a female character named Madea have to do with anything? Unknowingly or knowingly Tyler…show more content…
Mr. Perry tells his story many of times on television shows such as, The Oprah Winfrey Show and he often times relate his plays, which then turn into movies to his life. Mr. Perry basically grew up poor and the little information he does share about his life he was also homeless and slept in the back seat of his car for months at a time. Fortunately Mr. Perry like many others caught a break, a break that changed his life entirely. Instead of deciding to work for someone Mr. Perry decided to be his own boss and he began to write his “Madea” plays. I have never heard of Tyler Perry or Madea until my mother came home with one of his plays on DVD. The play was Madea Goes to Jail, and since the first time I watched the play I was fascinated by the overall production and message I received from it. While watching the play I did not know it was a man playing an old lady in a dress and gray hair until the end. I found myself watching any and every play, movie and television show that had to do with Tyler Perry. His production was like no other, there were no men dressing like women at the time, but because of him and his twist on the female character teens have taken this aspect and put it to

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