Acting Nemo Scene Analysis

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“Cinema as audio-visual art: image means too much, or too little, without sound”. In FINDING NEMO the four components of soundtrack are present dialogue (vocals sound), music, sound effects (sounds of the environment), silence (absence of sound but full of meaning). Being animated there is obvious diegetic sound that is edited and sound mixed. Sound editing is enhancing the sounds while sound mixing is the mixing of two or more. Along with the levels, volumes, and textures of the sound all help make FINDING NEMO the incredible movie it is. If the audience did not hear anything he said, we wouldn’t know that the shot we were looking at was their home in the sea anemone. Each character has their own voice which makes them different from everyone…show more content…
Sound can set up the setting now by telling us the time and space. The audience could tell that Martin and Dory were traveling some type of current, but without Crush saying they were on the EAC, the audience nor Martin would know where they were. The time and space is shown the second Nemo gets put into the fish tank in the dentist’s office. While Nemo is in there the group of tank fish gives the audience and the others incite on the time and how much they have to do certain things. The characters are shaped by their sound. For example, sharks are scary ocean predators, without sound of them saying “fish are friends not food” the audience and Martin and Dory thought they were going to eat them. The subject and theme are shown through the sounds of the movie. The subject is all about Martin being over protective and having the let Nemo go and grow up without worrying. The movie is blended together very well, the theme would have to be the relationship between Martin and Nemo, father and son. Image and sound bounce off each other, without the sound the image would have hundreds of different meanings. The sound of music gives the imagine voice, and the audience is able to grasp what is trying to be told. The cooperation of the both sound and image are what makes good movies. Sound keeps the movie flowing by regular sound that all flows with each

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