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It would appear that collaboration between Matt Damon & director Ridley Scott is – well, out of this world, as The Martian peaked the interest of moviegoers over the weekend. With a stellar debut of $55 million, The Martian was free to float to the top of the box office mountain – essentially uncontested. The Mars-based odyssey marks the first big screen appearance by Matt Damon since last year’s Christopher Nolan space-epic, Interstellar – which debut slightly below The Martian with $47.5 million on it’s way to a worldwide earning of $675 million. Similarly, Gravity also debuted to $55 million in October of 2013 on its way to $723.1 million. Slipping one spot from first to second was last weekend’s top earner, Hotel Transylvania 2 – adding a hefty $33 million. Despite a 32% drop in attendance, the Adam Sandler-led animated sequel continues to thrive without any other animated feature to compete with – and has already mounted a quick 10-day domestic payoff of $90.5 million. Tack-on $59.8 million more from foreign contributions, and Hotel Transylvania currently enjoys $150.3 million, worldwide.…show more content…
Sicario, starring Emily Blunt & Benicio del Toro, has received near universal praise from critics, thus far. Domestically, Sicario has managed to secure $15 million to go with an additional $10 million from foreign markets ($25 million, worldwide). Sicario was produced on $30

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