Gender Roles In Finding Nemo

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Finding Nemo is a children’s movie that is rated g to respond to the provided questions. Finding Nemo has a variety of different characters, genders, and the roles that they play. In regards to the sex of the characters-, 23 male’s characters were found to be minor characters in the movie. In addition, there were only 8 females that were found to have minor roles within the movie. The main characters that were male were Marlin (Nemo’s Father), Nemo, Crush, Gill, Nigel. However, Dory was the only female character that was a main character in movie. Nigel, Gill, and Crush all helped either Nemo or Marlin to aid these two fish, as males tend to act. These characters roles had been to be the supporter of the two separated fish, Gills job was…show more content…
The behavior between Dory and Marlin as being a team, and her almost being a mother figure to Marlin bringing his emotions up when he thought they couldn’t find him. Throughout the whole movie, there was a large amount of eye contact between each other. A variety of the characters had smiles on their face, and the viewer could tell by the eyes of the fish that they were highly interested in getting these two fish back together. Finding Nemo did have a variety of good characters such as, Nigel, Gills, Crush, Dory. These characters all guided Nemo & Marlin back together in their own ways. If one of these characters had have been left out then Nemo may have never been reunited with his dad again. There were a few different “bad guy” characters- first Phillip Sherman and Darla could be considered to be the bad guy, Sherman because even though he took Nemo from the drop off to keep him safe he still took him from his home. Darla is known as the fish killer, the fish she had previously was killed, as result of her over excitement. Next, the 3 sharks- Bruce, Anchor, and Chum even though friendly in the end can be considered the bad guys. All the three of these characters were enormous compared to the other, which is a competitive, aggressive, tough treat. In addition to the large mouths with the large teeth that always scared the other fish even

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