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The Portrayal of Film Noir Women In the early 1940’s and during the World War II is when film noir landed in the United States Holly Wood cinemas and it was known for its criticism of political views. As a result of the war and the hardships that people were experiencing from the war, writers started to create films that depicted the United States in a happy and positive way; this was done to keep movie goers from thinking negatively about the war and to come together in hopes of winning it. Also, while writers were gaining the attention of the community, they received heavy profits from it. Knowingly, many people felt that on a moral perspective, family should serve as the connection to link positivity within the community in support of the…show more content…
Femme fatal of film noir is the depiction of women that is seen in which women use their deceitful and devious ways to gather some form of supremacy; whether it is money, power or overall independence. The women who play this role definitely go against social norms by neglecting the duties of the average women in society. The women neglect domestic duties and also society’s perspective that women should have the more passive role while men take on the more dominant role. However, in many of the film noir movies, the aggressive and independent woman usually loses in the end and some believe this proves why society believes that women should play the less aggressive role. In the film noir movie Double Indemnity, viewers will see the aspect of Femme fatale present in the wife of Mr. Dietrichson. Mrs. Dietrichson lies about the health of her husband in order for him to receive life insurance, but ultimately so that she could gain money from his death. The protagonist Neff who is an All Risk sales associate, falls victim to the blonde and goes along with her plan of killing her husband while also gaining a love interest for…show more content…
The returning salesman gains the attention of Mrs. Dietrichson and she sees this as a way to pronounce how she is not happy in her marriage and he urge to be set free of it. She views marriage as a bounding, unreasonable and unfair union. Therefore, the Femme fatal women uses her sexual advantages to position him in her favor. The Femme Fatale women is actually not driven by the love interest of the hero (Neff), she remains selfishly focused on the development of her circumstances. Even through the midst of demolition of herself or others around her, the drive for independence keeps viewers at the edge of their seats while she leads herself into her own destruction. Although the women usually obtain some form of the traditional role of families, they are willing to leave marriages, friendships and families behind as they go on a quest to independence. During the 1940’s film makers made it obvious that women felt bound by the limitations that they received by society and as a result of this; the Femme fatale women had the urge to portray themselves as strong or independent; this was an attempt to allow people to see that they can be much more than maids or caregivers to the traditional homes. Knowing that Femme fatale women would go to the extent of risking their lives to gain this independence

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