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So like I stated above the two movies Taxi Driver and Nightcrawler have a lot of comparisons in which looking back on seem to stand out a lot more now than they did at first. A lot of people have said that they compare in many cases such as; mirror scenes, the deranged main characters themselves, the cars and driving at night, the overall dark, nighttime feel, personalities, age of the lead actors, bizarre date scenes, love interests of an inappropriate age, both ending in shoot outs and all still seems to end well for the deranged main characters and many other scenes alike that I will discuss. So one of the main parts for each leading character in the movie is the act of being alone, which seems to be a central theme in both of the movies. Both main characters are filmed several times in their apartments trying to pass time. This is shown by either watering plants, talking to themselves in the mirror, watching TV, fabricating gun concealment devices or downloading and editing footage on a laptop.…show more content…
In Nightcrawler Lou takes Nina to a Mexican restaurant where he essentially black-mails her in to having a sexual relationship with him in order to save her fast failing career. In Taxi Driver, Travis Bickle takes a campaign volunteer to a porn theatre as a date. It’s quite obvious in both movies that neither of the two women enjoyed their date. Both movies feature awkward diner scenes. Lou interviews Rick for an internship position in a diner. The scene is quite an awkward exchange as Lou conducts the interview the only way he knows how – in strange cubicle business talk, as if he were looking for an employee for some sort of accounting or software firm, while in reality he will hire anyone (with a GPS enabled phone) willing to work for nearly nothing. Taxi Driver features an awkward exchange between Travis Bickle and Iris, also in a

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