Schizophrenia In The Film 'Donnie Darko'

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The film Donnie Darko is a film that can be left open for many different interpretations. A very prominent theme is that Donnie is suffering from psychotic episodes of Schizophrenia. The movie opens to Donnie waking up on a path along a mountainside, he laughs confidently without any type of wonder or fear as to why he is out there. When he arrives at home his family is unsurprised to the fact he was missing all night, which raises major suspicious. Suspicions about his family and how they view Donnie along with the opposite, how Donnie views his own family. You can tell he feels estranged and unfamiliar with his family by the fact that whenever Donnie’s home he locks himself away in his room to read and be alone. Whenever his mom attempts to reach out, Donnie shuts down and completely negates her attempt, while she’s leaving he calls her a…show more content…
Donnie sister, Elizabeth is left in charge of the house and decides they are throwing a party. Donnie after enjoying the party for a while remembers it has been 28 days since his first encounter with Frank and he has only six hours until Frank’s prophecy comes to fruition. Donnie still obsessed with Frank’s words grabs his dad’s gun and along with Gretchen heads to meet with “Grandma Death”, an old woman who Donnie feels has a link with Frank. On the way there they encounter the school bullies. They tossed Gretchen and Donnie to the ground immobilizing her. During a scuffle between Donnie and the bullies a car speeds along running over Gretchen killing her on impact. The driver of the car was Donnie’s sister’s boyfriend, Frank wearing a bunny suit looking exactly like the entity Donnie has been hallucinating. Donnie shoots Frank, killing him and then takes Gretchen’s body. He steals his sister’s car and goes up the mountain to overlook the

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