Count Dracula Lucy Character Analysis

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is the one that did this to her. It is his fault, even though Lucy did not mention who did it but it is clearly when she also stated, “I was waked by flapping at the window, which had begun after that sleep-walking on the cliff at Whitby” (Stoker, 155). She has got trick by Count Dracula to be there. After this entire horrible situation she is also stated, “Then there came to me the old fear of sleep, and I determined to keep awake. Perversely sleep would try to come then when I did not want it; so, as I feared alone” (Stoker, 155). She was alone and that is when it was a good time for Count Dracula to kill her as she stated, “I went to the window and looked out, but could see nothing, except a big bat…” (Stoker, 156). This big bat is referring to Count Dracula when he transformed himself. With his inhuman self; he attempted to kill Lucy and drains her to the point of near death.…show more content…
Lucy has to be more suffered from becoming vampire like himself. She became one of the demons like Count Dracula; he made her into an evil lady which is killing her future. This is really selfish and wickedness of what he did. According to the text when stated, “Is this really Lucy’s body, or only a demon in her shape” (Stoker, 234). It is her demon side, she is finally a vampire. “It is her body, and yet not it. But wait a while, and you shall see her as she was, and is” (Stoker, 234). She is not human anymore because of Count Dracula selfishness and his wrong doing, he has no kindness in him. He does not believe in what is right and wrong. Lucy turn into “……nightmare of Lucy as she lay there; the pointed teeth, the bloodstained, voluptuous mouth which is made one shudder to see” (Stoker, 234). Dracula killed Lucy’s future because of his own wants; he has no control of

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