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Introduction The global hotel sector is growing fast and has great economic, social and environmental impact worldwide. Hotels investors and hoteliers are trying to increase its competitiveness by reducing the operating costs and sustaining the different hotel facilities. According to the UNWTO, the global energy consumption in the hotels estimated about 97,5 TWh in 2001. European hotels represent nearly the half of the world total hotel rooms, used in 2000 39 TWh of the energy consumption (Hotel Energy Solutions, 2011). So, it is a major challenge to increase their competitiveness reducing the costs of the environmental design of hotels. The tertiary sector consumes a large amount of energy every year. Its buildings reach at least 40% of the final energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions (European Commission, 2010). Especially,…show more content…
The first floor, on the ground floor, is used for reception, cafe, and restaurant; three rooms exist in this floor for accommodation. The customer reception area is on the same floor in the center of the building, in order to facilitate the motion in all corridors towards the rooms. The remaining three floors are exclusively rooms for guests, with an area of 25-35 m2 (figures 3a-d). Coastal Type Hotel The hotel coastal type refers to a group of buildings in Agia Pelagia in Heraklion consisting of 3 buildings; one is a two-storey building, where exists the reception, the restaurant, and the bar, as well as downstairs accommodation rooms; the second building consists of 3 storeys used only for accommodation; the last one with solely accommodation rooms is close to the swimming pool with an area of 72 m2. The hotel has a total size of 4,000 m2 and has 34 accommodation rooms with an average size 35 m2 (figures 4a-c). Methodology of energy certificate

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