Negative Essays: Stop Our Distracted Society?

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Stop Our Distracted Society Original Oratory Piece Stop Our Distracted Society. A distracted society… What is “distracted”? To the dictionary! “Unable to think about or pay attention to something”. Okay. What is a “distraction”? “Something that amuses or entertains you so that you do not think about problems, work, etc.” Thanks Merriam-Webster. Speech! As my father always says, “Put down your iTrash, and put the dishes in the dishwasher.” There was a time when the human race were cavemen, and they were too busy trying to survive. They had no room for distractions. For them it was literally life death if they didn’t do something right. They had to go and hunt their food. They had to always stay on guard for predators. Why is it that, in today’s society, it’s all we can do to keep from getting distracted? Well, our hunt consists of us going to either a. the pantry, b. the fridge, c. the grocery store, or d. a restaurant, we always have to be on guard for us, mankind, or countries fighting countries, and today we have computers, phones, games, TV, lots of TV, and more. But some people still get their work done. I mean, I had to make the hard decision of writing this speech or utilizing Netflix and the natural human process of naps. Billy Bob almost died, and my pillow is really comfortable. Getting distracted today boils down to a few main…show more content…
Now this could be happening subconsciously, and the people aren’t aware that they are procrastinating, and they just think they have a problem where they keep getting distracted, or they are really aware of their procrastination and are using distractions as an excuse. Both ways, they still aren’t doing what they are supposed to, and their productivity rate has gone down, which can lead to major problems in the future, including some with their

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