St. Cecilia The Patron Martyr

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St. Cecilia is the patron saint of music and poetry. She is one of the most well-known Roman martyrs, born in Rome and passing away in Sicily. Her feast day is celebrated on November 22nd, her major shrine is in Trastevere, Rome. Her parents forced her to marry a man named Valerian although she had a vow of virginity. She told Valerian that she had an angel watching her who would punish him if he tried anything on her. She symbolizes the part that music takes in the liturgy. Cecilia is usually pictured holding an instrument such as the viola, organ, flute, etc. After being slashed on the neck three times, she lived three more days. In those days she asked the pope that her home be turned into a church. A martyr is a person who is killed because of what they believe in. St. Cecilia is one of the most famous female Roman martyrs, ever. When she was forced to marry, at her wedding, she sat independently away from the others and sang to God from her heart. She was named the patroness of musicians for this. She was declared a saint because of her devotion to her faith no matter anyone else’s thought or criticisms.…show more content…
She did not need anyone at all to do what she needed to do. She spoke from her heart and did not give in to pressure easily. Her name, Cecilia, is related to the root of caecus, which means blind. Her name connects with reflection on Heaven and a Heaven for people to glorify. The National Academy of Saint Cecilia is one of the oldest music establishments in the world. Many idolize her because of her relationship with music. There are numerous songs, hymns, poems, verses, etc. dedicated to her. St. Cecilia’s Abbey was created in 1882 and is based off of the Isle of Wight. The nuns who live there live a life of prayer, work, and study, just as Cecilia

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