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Katanakaji: The Smart Way to Improve Your Life So you want to fix your life, but you haven't had much success. If you are interested, there is a smart, systematic way to go about it. Before we go there, let's look at the phases of self-improvement most people take. 1.) Phase One - Excessive Studying We've all been there. You read a ton of blog posts, self-help books, and watch way too many Ted Talks. And this is the first place people get stuck. They keep finding these new epiphanies each day, only to forget about them the next. I think this is great, in general, as you'll learn new things all the time. But that just makes you more likely to get stuck, instead of taking action. Instead, try to simplify it to the best material out there.…show more content…
Check out the summary of this blog. Still want more? Check out these four blogs: here, here, here, and here.) And try your best to stay out of this stage after you leave. Always be open to new ideas, but don't get stuck here again. 2.) Phase Two - Excessive Activities Here you are constantly putting yourself out there for new experiences learning more about who you are. This is good for the bookworm, the introvert, the shy guy, etc. But many find they do activities they had no interest in. And, unforunately, continue to do them. Again, you need to simplify things, specifically, find your fuck yes activites. And, yes, a lot of people get stuck here as well. 3.) Phase Three - Katanakaji Pronoucned katana, as in the sword, kah-G, Kantanakaji is Japanese for swordsmith. I want you to think of the phrase: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. As the swordsmith shapes his blade by striking it with an iron hammer and fine tuning it with a wet stone, you will be doing the same with your

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