Cerebral Palsy: Misdiagnosis Of Cerebral Palsy

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For my research article on a recent medical error I chose to research an article about a misdiagnosis of cerebral palsy. " Women misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy gets cure after 33 years", is an article posted on CBSNEWS.COM about a 38 year old Minnesota mother of three, Jean Sharon Abbot, misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child. Abbot struggled for more than three decades with spasms, stiffness, cramping, unnecessary surgeries, medications, doctors visits. In 2010, a new doctor identified her symptoms as a rare condition called dopa- responsive-dystonia. Dopa- responsive-dystonia is a treatable condition that causes involuntary muscle contractions and tremors. L-Dopa is the drug to treat this condition and once Abbot started taking her

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