1960's Fashion Trends

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The 1960s era is memorable for its diverse, simple, and highly accessorized trends. The period contained years that ruined many fashion codes, highlighting the changing social movements of the time. The early and the mid-1960s saw go-go boots, culottes, and the PVC clothes including the famous box-shaped dresses very popular. Indeed, this era ushered in the bikini mode of dressing after it was featured in the musical movie the “Beach Party”. Mary Quant designed the mini skirt outfit, while Jackie Kennedy presented the Pillbox that instantly became popular style. This paper will look at how fashion has evolved from the 1960s till now. Early 1960s In the initial period of the 1960's, the London "Modernist" also referred to as the "the Mods"…show more content…
In most fashion trends, there is an element of vintage wear. There are the neon colors of the 1980s and the unisex style of the 1990s majorly influenced by skater and grunge fashions. In the early periods of the 2010s, many early, mid and late millennium fashions stayed popular in the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Latin America. For instance, the "indie pop" look is one of the outstanding trends of this era. It draws upon components of the 1970s contemporary and garage rock alternative…show more content…
They decide what is ticking from what is not. Like the Modernists ("Mods"), the mainstream celebrities, and other style icons influence them. Many of them have no monetary problems to inhibit their purchase of stylish looks. Another factor that has led to the evolution fashion trends is the mainstream media. Due to its massive influence and appeal to the younger population, they advertise products for the established and the not so traditional designers to their audience. In fact, it is the primary catalyst for the fashion revolution. Music is also played a vital part in the fashion world. For instance, musicians write enticing lyrics about clothes and other mainstream fashion trends. They publicize designer wear through endorsement contracts from cloth manufacturers. An example of such practice is evident in the sports arena where sportsmen are given bumper deals to wear certain brands. Cultural diversity has also played a crucial role in fashion. The continuous interracial interactions and coexistence has pushed designers to create a variety of attires to fit their clientele who are spread the entire world. Unlike before, fashion styles are not restricted to a particular geographic region or

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