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Isaac Bayoh Bruce Heike English IV-A 23 September 2015 Healing Tears “Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” Survival, culture, hate, compassion, triumphs and failures. This is my life story summed up. If my life was a literary piece of art it would bear no title. ‘Titles’ they say describe ‘content’. But i’m a book without a cover. Yearning ever so more for the wisdom to know and the knowledge to understand. I originate from a family where no one has darkened the walls of a higher institution. Finding myself within this columbarium of hell on earth which makes us the epitome of our town. Making us seem like callow beings to others and leaving our ambitions and hope in a drivel state. Going to college was my fictitious reality. As a fatherless child, growing up was a daunting jackpot of uncertainty, manipulations and insecurity. I have died everyday waiting for him, each passing moment with breathless cries as my heart in confusion display. Unknowing when this pain shall seize. The only son to my mother, I strived hard in school and kept my…show more content…
With two things- a suitcase and a world empowering dream. Enrolling into junior year in high school I realized my transcript from Sierra Leone wasn’t considered in international accreditation and grade evaluations were totally different. Which made my GPA low, and having to earn a 4.0 within the two year span I had left. Seeing the judgeful eye of my counselor wondering how vacuous I was from my transcript; I will not let my results decide my fate. I assured her of working smart and hard to attain the goals set. - The measure of who I am is what I do with what I have. I immersed myself in extra-curricular activities to gain opportunity and study the American culture. Only to discover how it felt to be a minority in a population consisting of 92.8%

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