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In his article “Against Gay Marriage,” cultural conservative William J. Bennett argues granting gay marriage would ruin the idea of a traditional marriage. Although Bennett makes the argument that people celebrating marriage is not an attempt to put others down, it does indeed do so. He claims that marriage is a celebration of an important cultural act, but fails to admit traditions can change. He starts his article by discussing how Hawaii is the first state to allow same-sex marriage, but he claims since Hawaii did this, the other 49 states would soon follow in their footsteps. What Bennett does not realize is that in 2015, same-sex marriage shall be legal in any of the fifty states. He claimed that some people in Congress were willing…show more content…
Bennett feels that if America recognizes the idea of same-sex marriage, this would profoundly change the definition of marriage, it would broaden the definition and this would be a drastic change. He believes this change would only benefit a few, and could leave damage on our society. Bennet states “It mirrors the accumulated wisdom of millennia and the teaching of every major religion.” (34). What he means by this statement is the teaching of marriage in every religion is the act of uniting a man and woman. If same-sex marriage is allowed, this would affect the way religion is taught. The topic of sex education taught in schools was also discussed in the article. Bennett claims if the legal unions of gay and lesbian couples obtain their way, America would have to completely change the way sex education is taught in schools. Instead of being taught of a child just having a mommy and daddy, it could be changed to a child having two mommies, or anything in that nature. He…show more content…
Social acceptance is something these unions should be granted. They are continually discriminated against which is a violation of every person have equal rights. Basically all these people want is freedom to be accepted. Another topic is the changing of the definition of marriage. Bennett claims that if gay-marriage is legalized, then this would change the teaching of every major religion. This is true, it will change it, but that does not mean that every religious person will be against this. Just because the bible makes an insane claim about same-sex marriage does not mean every person believes in this. One person can still support and be religious at the same time. These accusations are ridiculous and should be

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