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Electoral College Essay An election system developed in 1787 has been used for several centuries. Today it is the 21st century and its design and purpose has been under question. Instead of a direct popular vote on the election of the president, the founding fathers made a system that involves using chosen electors that cast their votes based on the opinions/votes made by the people of the state they represent. However the system is under criticizing thoughts on whether it demonstrates equal representation. Yet, this system is proactive and useful as it portrays a result that shows the actual thoughts of the people as well as making unity between the states. The United States Electoral College should remain as the result of…show more content…
This allows the people to understand and notice that they have an influence on the outcome on the presidency. In addition, it demonstrates that the system is not corrupt. A few examples of these elections are from Document B. In this document, there is a chart that has data on the 1980 and 1992 elections. In 1980, Reagan had won the popular vote and this resulted in a victory in the Electoral College. Also in 1992, Clinton had also won the popular vote like Reagan and he had won the Electoral College vote too. This document helps to portray the fact, that the winner of the popular vote will The outcomes of these results also do portray unity. As seen in Document B, both Reagan and Clinton won the Electoral College by a large majority. This representation helps to reassure the people’s thoughts on their decision. It gains the president support, as it seems that the whole nation had anonymously decide on the same person. In Document C, Mr. McConnell elaborates more upon this positive impact. He mentions that this unity, promotes a good legislation/government that will work on the future of United States to provide a common good for the

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