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There are many types of resources that can be identified for families, such as the ones Goldsmith (2005) suggests "some examples of resources are: expertise, time, people, space, money, materials, objects, food, intelligence and energy. They may be internally exchanged within the family or externally exchanged between the family members (p.91). Furthermore, Falk (2011) states that "According to NCFR, family resource management involves “an understanding of the decisions individuals and families make about developing and allocating resources including time, money, material assets, energy, friends, neighbors, and space to meet their goals” (as cited, National Council on Family Relations, 2009) (p.84). Five types of family resources that will…show more content…
The findings reveal that healthy family relationship greatly influences emotional intelligence of the adolescents. (p. 1). The family environment should facilitate the development emotional intelligence among it's members. It sustains healthy relationships and prepares it members to also develop external…show more content…
Some of the means a family can gain money are through employment, entrepreneurship, inheritance, or in a not so positive light, winning a lottery or gambling. Consequently, money as a resource can have both positive and negative impact on the family unit. In a positive light, with money as a resource a family is able to afford to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Through planning and budgeting a family will be able to purchase their home, vehicle, rear their children, provide educational opportunities for their children, go on vacations, etc. Whereas, some of the negative impact it may have on a family is if there is failure to budget, or the adults are not earning an income. As a result, there is a negative impact on the

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