Family Referral System

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A health system includes all the organizations, institutions and resources that are dedicated to provide or produce health services. In other words, health system consists of components that have relation with each other and their activities affect the health of people in the house, workplace and public environments. Establishment of referral system and family physician program is one of the major plans of health systems worldwide which aims to increase community access to health care and to improve efficiency in the health care processes )1(. Consequently, World Health Organization (WHO) assumed the Family Medicine as the center of global efforts to improve the quality, effectiveness, equity and to reduce the costs in the health care systems…show more content…
Also, 66% of patients had selected the second level doctor by themselves whilethe physician had selected the second level doctor for 34% of patients. Moreover, the copy of referral form had been sent in 12.5% of cases and the quality of feedback was good in the 8.4% of patients . According to Chaman et al, there are serious problems in the first and second level of referral system. For instance, most people don’t consider to rules of referral system. In other words, they visit the second and third level services independently, and without any referral permission . Similarly, Nasrollahpour Shirvani et al.(9)reported that there is not any consideration to many rules of referral system in the first and second levels of health…show more content…
Developing the referral system bylaw and Family Medicine regulation is one ofefforts inthis area.Objective experience and, global and regional findings suggest that the major proportion of health care tasks would be delegated to GP as a primary basis for reformingthe health system (13). WHO recommends that forresponding the people's needs and achieving the goals of health system reform, theFamily Medicine Program should be considered as a major policy. Certainly, thisrecommendationisthe result ofachievementsin some countriesfollowing theFamily Medicine Program

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