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Australia has a long and rich history, with events that shaped Australia as a whole nation. Anzac day is celebrated on the 25th of April and is one of the most important national ceremonies. Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Crops. During the First World War Australia and New Zealand forces took part in their first major military action. This essay will focus on the background and features of this event. Moreover it will explain how this event reflects aspects of the Australian identity. The First World War commenced in 1914 since then Australia has been a confederated nation for 13 years under the control of the British Empire and New Zealand for 7 years. In 1915 both Australia and New Zealand soldiers established allotment of the expedition that embarked to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula to open the Dardanelles to allied navies. The purpose was to capture Constanople (former name of Istanbul). However when both forces reached Gallipoli on the 25th of April, Turkey was prepared for the attack. At the end of 1915 the army crop evacuated and more than 8000 Australian soldiers were killed. Thus 25th of April became the day reminisced for the sacrifices of those who died in the war.…show more content…
Anzac day has numerous features, some of which include hymn, prayer, an address, laying of wreaths, a recitation, the last post, a moment of silence, either the Rouse or the Reveille, the national anthem and the Anzac day march which involves the participation of veterans and the public in honor of those who served Australia. Followed by the memorial ceremony, families often place red poppies beside the names of the relatives on the memorial’s Roll of Honor because it symbolizes the war commemoration. Another feature Australians do on Anzac day is wearing Rosemary; the reason being is because it is found growing on the Gallipoli

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