Narrative Essay: Why Do Men Are Trash?

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I had just got a step counter device that I was eager to use. One of my girlfriends suggested coffee, up the road from where I live. Considering that I needed to clock in ten thousand steps for that day, I was far behind. I decided on walking to the coffee shop (it’s merely 800m) – there’s no harm in that. Except, that I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and the harm is immense, because in this part of the globe, Men Are Trash. I was dressed in track pants and a tee – it was that kind of lazy day. I need to point out; I was not provocatively dressed, because apparently this is motive for rape, being sexually harassed or “asking for it” in South Africa. 2012 Taxi Rank rape violence “Women were being assaulted for wearing mini skirts or revealing clothing at taxi ranks, in 2012;…show more content…
Again, men don’t be fooled, we woman are not flattered by this behavior. And even if some women are – it is no way to speak to a lady. And you still say Men Are Not Trash? Sorry, I can’t hear your reasoning over the car horns, the loud whistles and inappropriate calls to me. After many more car horns, screams of “hey sexy” and the white car coming around again, (was he following me?), I finally reached the shopping centre. At that point I felt like scum, dirty, disrespected and all those related adjectives. However, these “men” were probably onto their next target, hooting and yelling at another girl, feeling perfectly okay with their actions. Meanwhile elsewhere in South Africa during these twenty minutes of me trying to get to my destination in peace, about thirty five woman would have been raped. The startling statistics state that a woman is raped every twenty-six seconds in South Africa. You still say men are not trash? Sorry but we women cannot hear you, over the hails of our beaten mothers, our screaming sisters and mauled children. In Europe, I take a walk –sometimes in my jumpsuit, sometimes all done

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