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Before jumping into your French lessons, it is important to understand the differences between the English language and the French language. Take note that English and French have a lot of similarities in terms of grammar and vocabulary, so it is not as hard to learn it as you might think. For instance, French and English both have 26 letters, but French also has letters that have diacritics, which are: é è à ù ç â ê î ô û ë ï ü. There are many differences in the sounds between French and English, and it is here where beginners usually commit both spelling and pronunciation errors. Articles in the French language are more common than in English. The same is true for Roman numerals, while the reverse is true when it comes to capitalization. Conjugations in French are one of the most challenging to the French learner, because each conjugation is different…show more content…
Silent letters are very common in French, and the most interesting thing is that they are not the same letters. As you continue to study French, you will encounter more differences between the languages that you previously had not noticed. This is perfectly alright for as long as you are aware of these differences and aim to not confuse yourself between the two languages. Constant practice is what helps you to become more fluent and accurate in this beautiful language. Exercise Recall as many of the differences between French and English as stated in the chapter. Compare your answers with the chapter’s content. Reflect on how you can overcome these obstacles. Chapter 4: French Alphabet and Pronunciation Remember when you were a kid and you had to learn your ABCs? Pretend that you are back in the kindergarten classroom with your crayons and tracing paper, but this time you have an attractive French teacher in front of the class. You want to be curious and eager to please your teacher, so pay full attention to L’

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